What the hell happened at Exchange Rates?

I had a great time at Exchange Rates and gorged myself on some great and unexpected art.  If you remember Blackwater Poly was showing with Theodore:Art run by Stephanie Theodore who was also hosting Robert Yoder from Season – the Seattle based gallery.  Stephanie showed paintings by Sharon Butler and Andrew Seto and ceramics by Joyce Robins. Robert showed Seth Freidman’s sculptures and Michael Ottersen’s paintings. I thought it was a very strong show with great subtlety and variety. People told me they really liked it and we had many visitors all looking really hard at the work. Stephanie orchestrated a recipe that brought the best out of all the work, and enabled true collaboration over the hang which was some talent. The night we hung the work with Robert, Sharon, Stephanie, Faye Scott-Farrington and me, I could tell the show was going to be delicious. It had such good ingredients. The photos don’t really do the show justice. You just had to be there.

07 gallery shot

Michael Ottersen, Sara Impey, Joyce Robins, Andrew Seto, Simon Emery, Sara Impey, Michael Ottersen, Ben Coode-Adams, Sara Impey, Justin Knopp, Joyce Robins, Sara Impey, Ben Coode-Adams, Andrew Seto, Sharon Butler with Seth Friedman’s sculpture on the plinths

06 gallery shot

Michael Ottersen, Andrew Seto, Freddie Robins, Sara Impey, Michael Ottersen, Sara Impey, Justin Knopp, Freddie Robins

05 gallery shot

Freddie Robins, Sara Impey, Michael Ottersen, Paula Kane, Sara Impey, Joyce Robins, Ben Coode-Adams, Joyce Robins with Seth Friedman on the plinths

04 me sharon andrew seth

Ben Coode-Adams, Joyce Robins, Andrew Seto, with Seth Friedman on the plinths

02 Michael justin sara



Michael Ottersen, Sara Impey and Justin Knopp


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