We are open this Sunday 27th September 11am-5pm for more ‘Brocki’ fun

Just to remind you we are open this Sunday 27th September 11am-5pm for more ‘Brocki’ fun and we would love to see you. Thank you to all the people who came last Sunday. It was real fun. And thank you to all our artists who have worked so hard to make the ‘Brocki’ so great.  I’d love to sell the inflatable dinosaurs. They are a wonderful collection but are now outside our collecting remit.


Inflatable dinosaurs: various species


View in the gallery with my work, Freddie Robins, Dale Devereux Barker, &Sara Impey,


View of the barn with Dale Devereux Barker, Rebecca Weaver and Lucy Tiffney round the corner



Simon Collins’s painting ‘Mollie’ with a Dale Devereux Barker print. Amanda Emery’s Ford Falcon put together by Simon Emery


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