Sluice Art Fair October 2013

We took our Essex Embassy to Sluice Art Fair at the end of October 2013. We had a brilliant time. We took great work by Justin Knopp, Simon Emery + Shane Whitworth, Sara Impey, Sonia York, David Gates, Paula Kane, Freddie Robins, Leigh Cameron and Ben Coode-Adams. We met some wonderful people, sold some work and generally had a great time. The Sluice team created a friendly but professional atmosphere. The standard of art was incredibly high and varied, rigorous, challenging and inventive. A rich feast enjoyed by both participants and visitors – really some of the best and most energetic art you are likely to see ever.

sluice (1)

From L to R: Emery+Whitworth, Freddie Robins, Ben Coode-Adams, Paula Kane

essex kingdom and hood

From L to R: Justin Knopp (Typoretum), Emery+Whitworth

balloons and koalas

From L to R: Sonia York, Ben Coode-Adams

paula kane

Paula Kane

David Gates

David Gates


From L to R: Sonia York, Freddie Robins, Leigh Cameron, David Gates

Paul Kindersley

Paul Kindersley (1)

The fabulous Paul Kindersley

George shoes

The repaired boots of George Ferrandi from Wayfarers – more of her and them later

division of labour

Division of Labour – Fishmongering

Ballon lady

The balloon lady


P.S. I’d like to thank Dave Howe, David Gates, Justin Knopp, and Arthur Martin for building our stand, Simon Emery and the Paintbox for painting it and David Gates, Leigh Cameron, and Fred Robinson for helping with the installation which couldn’t have gone more smoothly. You are all very generous and talented gentlemen.  I’d like to thank Karl England and Ben Street for taking a leap of faith into darkest Essex and discerning the light.

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