Coming back from a very low point

Through the autumn of 2013 I see-sawed between being completely incapacitated and mildly incapacitated but this period of what was essentially rest meant by Christmas I felt OK-ish. But like an idiot I went out and tried to chop up trees for a week around New Year. You know that makes me really happy but it also knocked me back to my lowest ebb. David Howe and I started work on a commission for a flattened corrugated wall in Brightlingsea which I finally finished off with Nicol Wilson who rejoined the faculty in February when I realised I couldn’t and shouldn’t do any physical work at all.


02 flattened wall

The flattened corrugated wall built with David Howe and Nicol Wilson

01 sample

A sample for wall panels now made into cupboard doors

04 vent

The kitchen vent finally installed after four years. Built by Nicol Wilson. Designed by me with Nicol.

05 kitchen unit

The kitchen island cupboards finally clad like the rest of the kitchen by Nicol after a pattern established by me.

06 table

Table top designed by Ben Coode-Adams and Nicol Wilson, crafted by Nicol Wilson, painted by Simon Emery – the Paintbox. This is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever had a hand in. I am really proud of it.

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