Exchange Rates: the Bushwick Expo organised by the wonderful cocktail of Sluice__ Theodore:Art and Centotto

We are thrilled to be taking part in Exchange Rates –  23rd-26th October 2014

“an international exposition of artworks and curatorial programs in which host spaces in one art community open their doors and share their walls with kindred spaces ‘on visit’ from elsewhere.”  We are showing with the cracking Season Gallery ( from Seattle hosted by dynamic and mighty Theodore:Art ( 56 Bogart St. Brooklyn, NY 11206


Louis Pattison wrote in the Guardian 15/6/11 ‘Blackout Crew earned their footnote in the annals of dance music history by discerning that all genres of music sound better with the addition of a “donk”. A donk, if you don’t know, sounds a bit like a wet drainpipe hit repeatedly with a heavy rubber mallet…

The challenge that has always faced Backwater Polytechnic is how to bind together diverse artistic practices into a coherent whole. We deal with heterogeneous, even heterodox art. We are located in rural Essex and want to work with artists who are to hand, ranging as they do from painters, to custom car sprayers, to embroiderers. We are not so interested in artists who are not geographically determined. Local is our weapon. Bland internationalism is not our bag. But we are not ‘little Englanders’. We just think that what we have here in our corner of Essex is really good and we want to show it to everyone.  We live in the villages of Coggeshall and Feering in rural north Essex, UK. These ancient communities whose medieval prosperity was based on wool, wood carving and lace have always been home to maverick non-conformists, utopian builders, and world-class crafts people – traditionally innovating, ingrained radicalism coupled with a DIY self-reliance. All our artists strive to produce work of intense quality. They all deal with craft over which they have mastery, even virtuosity. And they all deal with material. It is the combination of these three vectors that shapes their work and our exhibitions.

At Sluice 2013 we struck up a friendship with Brooklyn based Theodore:Art which has blossomed into a love affair. We are very much looking forward to falling for Season the gallery from Seattle we are showing alongside.

We are showing new work by:

Ben Coode-Adams ‘…watery spirits co-exist with giant magical trees and small crying people – presenting boundless sorrow, but also unlimited joy. The resulting vibrant works on paper look beautiful. But they feel beautiful, too.’  George Ferrandi – Director, Wayfarers, Brooklyn

DSC00719 - Version 2

Ben Coode-Adams ‘Vortex’ 2014

Freddie Robins ‘She doesn’t paint; she doesn’t sculpt; she doesn’t take photographs or make films. Her chosen medium is wool. She knits. And as she knits, she subverts her subjects.’  Tamsin Blanchard writing in the Observer newspaper


Freddie Robins ‘Pocky’  wool, knitting needles 2014

Paula Kane ‘The weather is always fine; there are clouds, but no rain. Winter never comes; snows only viewed from a distance…There are leaves on the trees always; she doesn’t even know if there is a breeze. It’s as if the weather hasn’t been arrived at yet.’ Mikey Cuddihy artist and Lecturer at University of Brighton


Paula Kane detail of ‘Princess’ and trees 2014

Sara Impey ‘Impey’s work is a painstaking layering of cloth and stitch; a gentle and sometimes unsettling reworking of past events through needle and thread.  Trained as a journalist, Impey views words and narrative as implicit to quiltmaking: often constructed over a long period of time, every quilt is imbued with the experience of the maker.’ QUILTS 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories edited by Sue Prichard Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Sara Impey ‘Outsider art’ 2014

Justin Knopp – Typoretum ‘Here, in a single long room lined with trays of magnificent wooden type and filled with gleaming iron printing presses crouching like tamed mythical beasts, Justin Knopp – printer, typographer and retained fireman – works his subtle magic.’ the gentle author

Day of the dead UV

Day of the dead (1)

Justin Knopp ‘Day of the Dead’ 2013

Simon Emery – The Paintbox ‘One of the most successful VW body-shops ever. Building some of the most imaginative Volkswagens ever to be seen in the world of aircooled VWs is “The Paintbox”’  Messiah of B289


Simon Emery detail of ‘Helta Skelta’

Exchange Rates: The Bushwick International Expo

is the first collaboration between existing artist-run and emerging galleries in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Sluice, the London-based art initiative for artist-run projects from across the UK and Europe. In recent years, Bushwick has gained renown for its heterogeneous, highly active community of artists and exhibition spaces. From commercial to non-profit to at least sustainably profitable, Bushwick galleries present a wide variety. Commonalities among them overall, however, are curatorial rigor, artist-led initiatives and collaborative programming. Featuring 52 galleries and projects from 19 cities around the world, Exchange Rates is a broad invitation for representatives from kindred art communities based elsewhere to not only witness, but to truly become part of
Bushwick’s development.  Produced by Sluice and Bushwick-based galleries Theodore:Art and Centotto, Exchange Rates will run four days and include panel discussions, performances and Norte Maar’s Beat Nite, a late night gallery tour and after-party.


Signal Gallery Bushwick
Studio1.1 London, UK
Centotto Bushwick
Durden and Ray Los Angeles, USA
Norte Maar Bushwick
Trove Brirmingham, UK
Schema Projects Bushwick
Sluice__ screens London, UK
FireProof East Bushwick
Platform Gallery Seattle, USA
The Active Space Bushwick
Paper Gallery Manchester, UK
Studio10 Bushwick
Fort Gallery London, UK
Art Helix Bushwick
Telescope Gallery Beijing, China
The Parlour Bushwick Bushwick
Artist Proof Studios Johannesburg, Sth Africa
Fuchs Projects Bushwick
QWERTY Denmark
Storefront Ten Eyck Bushwick
Division of Labour Worcester, UK
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Bushwick
F.B.I. Worksop, UK
Honey Ramka Bushwick
Class1 Gallery Middlesbrough, UK
Generis Bushwick
Susak Expo[RT] London, UK
Harbor Bushwick
A Brooks London, UK
Arts in Bushwick Bushwick
Queenspark Railway Club Glasgow, UK
Theodore:Art Bushwick
ECH-O-CHAM-BER Birmingham, UK
Associated Gallery Bushwick
La Couleuvre Paris, France
Outlet Gallery Bushwick
GSL Projekt Berlin, Germany
Parallel Art Space Bushwick
Metamatrix Art Lab Netherlands
Fresh Window Bushwick
Museo Microcollection Milan, Italy
Brooklyn Fire Proof Bushwick
Blackwater Polytechnic Essex, UK
The Vazquez Building Bushwick
Spaceworks Tacoma, USA
The BogArt Bushwick
Random Institute Zurich, Switzerland
Transition Gallery London, UK
Up State Zurich, Switzerland
Sluice__ projects London, UK
The Penthouse Manchester, UK