Here it comes: Sluice Art Fair and the Essex Embassy

The Blackwater Polytechnic are sending an artistic aid mission to London town, in the form of the Essex Embassy. We would be delighted if you could visit us. 
SATURDAY 19th & SUNDAY 20th OCTOBER 12.00 – 21.00
It contains, like Essex, all you need for a visually interesting time – rich texture format, lovely colours, sparkles, very sad stitching, ultra violence, quiet rural poetry, and concrete, from artists Leigh Cameron, Ben Coode-Adams, Emery-Whitworth, David Gates, Sara Impey, Paula Kane, Justin Knopp, Freddie Robins, Sonia York. You have to look though, and look hard. No half measures.
Sluice Art Fair is showcasing predominately artist run galleries and organisations, with a smattering of independent curators. So it’s the REAL THING – the motherlode of invention.

We like things made by men and women with their hands. People here in Essex are not much interested in conforming to norms. We’re not much interested in cosy visual clichés. We’re not much interested in illustrating theory. We like action and stuff and things. That’s why we came here. We celebrate and promote a provincial parochial meaningful regional voice with depth and seriousness.

 Essex Embassy web safe flyer


Blackwater Polytechnic  is a staggeringly vast 16th century Grade II listed timber framed barn in rural North Essex. It was converted by artists Ben Coode-Adams and Freddie Robins into a home and work place. It is now a colosseum of visual production, a place for like-minded fellow travellers to come together to make and learn.